"Dusty Memories" - ChasBeats

After the release of his single “West Coast Lights” last autumn, ChasBeats has returned to grace us with his full length album “Dusty Memories”, a project which, packed full of chilled out soulful beats and gorgeous imagery, concentrates just as much on visuals as it does on audio. 

A keen photographer as well as music producer, ChasBeats accompanies each song in “Dusty Memories” with a photograph. Much like his images, the tracks in Dusty Memories are dark, mellow and emotive. ChasBeats’ overall sound is clearly informed by his various influences which he cites as “the golden era of hip-hop, jazz, soul, funk and old movie soundtracks”. Indeed, gorgeous horns, boom-bap beats and heavily filtered vocals play key roles throughout the album, resulting in it’s overall soulful vibe. There is a gloomy yet romantic quality to “Dusty Memories” which fits in very well with the imagery ChasBeats’ provides us with, giving the album an air of the cinematic, with those same images acting as stills from a movie. 

To compliment ChasBeats’ marrying of audio and visuals, we have a particularly special cassette tape this time around; a five panel J-Card featuring ChasBeats’ beautiful accompanying images as well as a full body UV printed cassette. Suffice to say that for the full ChasBeats’ experience, we highly recommend having the physical version of this release! You can purchase it here

“Dusty Memories” can be downloaded from: https://aviarybridgerecords.bandcamp.com/album/dusty-memories


Side A

A01 Cold Heart
A02 Angels
A03 Bad Trip
A04 Midnight Memories
A05 Concrete Melancholy

Side B

B06 Cinematic Soul
B07 Waiting For Midnight
B08 Anybody Else
B09 Hard Feelings
B10 A Long Hot Summer