"Daydreaming" Remix Competition: Results!

Moon Flower.jpg

Little over a month ago we organised a remix contest for a couple of tracks from the Daydreaming album by Safe Place. Along the way we received a few emails from remixers who stated that the tracks were so good that they found it hard to come up with something new without damaging the originals.

We came to realise that maybe these songs were just a bit too hard to remix. Nonetheless, we received 9 remixes that proved us wrong. Some really refreshing and creative takes on these songs.

As with every contest, there will be winners! Will there be losers? Nope, not this time! We decided to feature every remixer on the Safe Place remix album. But...the grand prize is 3 Aviary Bridge Records t-shirts.

It was hard to decide the ultimate winners, but after a long and hard discussion we agreed that these 3 remixes were the most creative, surpising and/or refreshing.

3rd place: 
Niko Alvera with his stunning remix of Happy.
The usage of the original stems is done beautifully, without altering too much on the individual stems Niko Alvera managed to create a very Deep House feel.

2nd place: 
Crash Comet, a Liquid Drum & Bass remix of Happy that literally blew our minds. Never would we have thought that a Drum & Bass remix was possible. Surprising, refreshing and simply beautiful!

1st place: 
This one edged it though. A gorgeous and super chill version of Friends by Espen Skagen! What a beauty! Ambient like Ambient is supposed to be! A deep 5 minute trance that takes you on a journey to deep blue waters and the greenest of forests you can imagine!

Despite not making it into the top #3 we feel that the EyreValis remix of Delicate is absolutely noteworthy too!

Congrats to all the winners and a big thank you to all who invested time and effort in participating, your hard work will be rewarded! You will all be contacted through email later this week to sort out the details.

For those who are curious to hear the winning remixes, this Wednesday we will post a playlist on Facebook and Soundcloud containing the winners! Leave your name in the comments and we makes sure to tag you once they are up!