"Daydreaming" - Safe Place


Upon listening to ‘Daydreaming’ you may find you completely lose yourself to the atmosphere in which Safe Place creates. Painted in various hues of golden yellows and frozen blues, the carefully crafted textures and gentle synths throughout this album play like a cold summer breeze; full of the nostalgic scents of a world in full bloom. 

Gracing us with feel good grooves, the first track of the album ‘Happy’ is a comforting song filled with laughter and warm drums. Following this, ‘Friends’ is beautifully light and airy with gentle strings that cascade like waterfalls. We are then lead into deeper melodies upon the beginning of ‘Africa’. With strong rhythms and a more serious tone, Safe Place captures the essence of an savannah at night perfectly.

Portraying a contrast between water-like percussion and retro synths, ‘Delicate’ offers a lighthearted break from the depth of ‘Africa’.

We then fall straight into ‘Late Night Session’. Best suited for a long drive at night, the pads and guitars of this track glitter like city lights over the horizon whilst dreamy vocal samples come in waves.

‘A Walk', is perhaps the most solemn track of the album, perfect for those moments of deep contemplation. The album concludes with ‘Insomnia’, a track which encircles the listener with icy wind instruments and a hypnotic soundscape. Bringing the album to a thought-provoking finish.