"Cold Summer" - Roshi

Roshi’s first album release with Aviary Bridge Records is an evolving and boundless project which explores various sectors of the electronic music scene. An album filled with contrasts, “Cold Summer” is indeed an apt description for the release. In the background, nostalgic summery vibes combine with gentle icy ambience. In the foreground, organic instruments gently play alongside aggressive synthesised basses. One of “Cold Summer”’s most notable characteristics is it’s spaciousness; this is an album that should be listened to on headphones for the full intended experience. 

A multi-faceted album, genres intertwine freely in “Cold Summer”,  giving light to a whole new kind of sound which is difficult to define. Distinct characteristics from multiple sub-genres can be clearly distinguished, and yet they merge seamlessly together to create something entirely new. Organic future garage percussion, trap influenced drums and the kind of textured, frozen string instruments that so often found in downtempo are just some of the ingredients that make up this beautifully creative endeavour. 

“Cold Summer” is available on all of your favourite streaming services. You can also download it from here: https://aviarybridgerecords.bandcamp.com/album/cold-summer-2

01. sea
02. talk2u
03. recall
04. roadkidd
05. olala
06. roadto
07. the smokers
08. mona
09. neon candy
10. signa
11. caps