"Equinox" - Aviary Bridge Records & Urbanundergrounds

In 2018 Aviary Bridge Records started an ongoing collaborative project between labels with their “Lost Temples” series. After the success of “Solstice”, the first of the series and their collaboration with Dust Collectors, Aviary Bridge Records returns once again with the second instalment: The Lost Temple of “Equinox”. This time, they have joined forces with Urbanundergrounds.

"The Cartographer's Lotus" - Thomas Woodham

The Cartographer’s Lotus’s central theme is exploration in the most fundamental sense of the word. Taking thorough inspiration from a wide amalgam of sources such as science fiction, Islamic mysticism, and biodiversity, this album takes the listener on journeys far outside the boundaries of imagination both within and beyond the mind. Each track uses elements of human curiosity, ecstatic adventure, and formative introspection to create new landscapes, timelines, identities, and worlds. Although the tracks are unique from one another, they share a common sense of outer-ness and the humility and new insight which is concomitant with being a stranger in a strange land.

"Hopes & Dream" - Solrakmi

As the title suggests, “Hopes & Dreams” encapsulates Solrakmi’s hopes for a better world, whilst simultaneously capturing reminiscence for the “good old days”. With his roots in Boombap and classic 90’s Hip Hop shining through, Solrakmi’s album “Hopes & Dreams” alights our nostalgia whilst also remaining relevant to present day issues.

"ill Recollection" - Sro

Sro once again takes us by the hand to lead us on another psychedelic ride into the ether. This time around, the destination, “ill Recollection”, is a gentle, dreamy headspace at the bottom of the ocean, where Rhodes glide between your ears and percussion smoothly fades in and out of your consciousness.

"Short Stories" - Human Centerpiece

“Short Stories” is a collection of five tracks that have a special meaning to the Human Centerpiece in some way. Indeed, as the title suggests, there are personable characteristics to these tracks, of which have been constructed in ways that express the complexity of the feelings behind the stories brought to us by the Texan producer. The result is an EP laden with songs that are each conceptual in their own right.

"Aloe" - Fthmlss

Fthmlss’ album “Aloe” need only be described with just one word: “luscious”. Every element of “Aloe” sounds as if it’s been handpicked for full-bodied, natural sound quality. Acoustic drum kits and organic textures embellish velvety keys, silky bass lines and cascading guitars and although it could be perhaps describable as “light-hearted”, there is richness and depth to “Aloe”, that is prevalent throughout the entirety release. 

"Cosmos" - Chrle

With its smooth, spaced out, float-y vibe and tactile lo-fi beats, Chrle’s first album release on Aviary Bridge Records, “Cosmos”, will transport you into the realms of zero gravity. Easy on the ears and perfect for rainy afternoons or study sessions, there is a consistently dreamy feel to “Cosmos” which is sure to capture your imagination. 

"Banana" - Swagger Thief

Swagger Thief’s first album release on Aviary Bridge Records, “Banana”, was written with an optimistic attitude that perseveres through even the darkest moments in life. An album for disenchanted thinkers who need to be enchanted again, the central message of Swagger Thief’s creation is “learn to trust the world and human nature again, but not the government” and although “Banana” has it’s darker, grittier moments, true to their word, a glimmer of hope and love for the world persists throughout the album, even through tracks which are far more somber in nature.

"Chaos & Clarity" - Fletcher Reed

Shortly after the release of his much beloved single “Blackbird”, “Chaos & Clarity” is Fletcher Reed’s short but sweet debut EP release on Aviary Bridge Records. All three tracks, “Chaos”, “Clarity” and “Everything in Between” have an emotive quality to them, achieved with celestial pianos, otherworldly sounds and organic percussive sections.