"Blur" - Padma Purana

Padma Purana’s first EP release via Aviary Bridge Records, “Blur”, is an intricate, organic and emotive work of art. By combining the hard hits of trip hop drums with cascading instrumentals, the greek producer creates a gorgeous juxtaposition between these two characteristics, resulting in a dark yet mystical aesthetic.

“Blur” is an absolute treasure trove of frozen strings and dreamy melodies, and yet it is equally coupled with moments of raw, unadulterated emotion, which ache like a broken heart. The ethereal qualities of Padma Purana’s sound transport the listener into the realms of fantasy, and yet the harshness of the more distorted parts of his repertoire anchor the listener to reality, creating an introspective balance between the two.

“Blur” is available on all of your favourite streaming services. You can also download it from here: https://padmapuranamusic.bandcamp.com/album/blur

01. 4th Abortion
02. Balance
03. Long Story Short
04. Reality