"Banana" - Swagger Thief

Swagger Thief’s first album release on Aviary Bridge Records, “Banana”, was written with an optimistic attitude that perseveres through even the darkest moments in life. An album for disenchanted thinkers who need to be enchanted again, the central message of Swagger Thief’s creation is “learn to trust the world and human nature again, but not the government” and although “Banana” has it’s darker, grittier moments, true to their word, a glimmer of hope and love for the world persists throughout the album, even through tracks which are far more somber in nature.

“Banana” does indeed start off with light-hearted tones and a sense of wonder. With cascading strings and upbeat guitars, the instrumentals of the first half of the album capture the warmth of a summer’s day. However, the tone of the album shifts once we reach “06. Mr Rogers Hand to Hand Combat Kill #1”, a track that, through the use of textured, gritty guitars, brings other emotions to the surface. It is from this track and onwards that, through the use of melancholy riffs and pianos, we hear an audible shift. This shift, which could be compared to a transition from a trusting child to a questioning adult, coupled with Swagger Thief’s persistent sunny outlook, creates a kind of contemplative wistfulness right up until the album’s conclusion. Overall, if you’re looking for an album with emotional depth and which is both heart-warming and cathartic, “Banana” may well exactly what you need.

“Banana” is available on all of your favourite streaming services. You can also download it from here: https://aviarybridgerecords.bandcamp.com/album/banana

01. Goldy
02. Banana
03. Moose
04. K
05. Bobblehead pt. 2 ft. Joe Norton
06. Mr. Rogers Hand-to-Hand Combat Kill #1
07. Year of the Monkey
08. Green Line ft. Natasha Cosme
09. Squatter ft. Joe Norton
10. Diencephalon ft. Remanu Panther
11. Pineapple
12. Blankets from the Government