"Desire" - Archer


"Desire" is a highly emotive album with a mysterious, thought-provoking narrative. Archer has combined old with new by infusing ambient synths and atmospheres with trap beats, reminiscent of the days when he produced this contrasting side of electronic music. With haunting vocals and gentle pianos, Desire will capture your imagination, and there’s a strong chance you’ll lose yourself there. 

The album opens with the cascading pianos of "Shoreline" which, somehow, Archer has seamlessly paired with trap-style drums. Compared to the rest of the album, "Shoreline" has a certain light-heartedness to it which eases you into the depths of the rest of the album. The pianos of "Evoke Emotion" immediately set a more serious, minor tone. We’re lead straight into the main beat with the knocking of a door and a vocal sample of a woman, who comments “it’s strange, how some printed words can evoke emotion”. This track is rich in haunting vocal samples and atmospheric synths, which dance and swell around a steady beat. Time then seems to slow down when listening to "Desire", perhaps the most introverted track of the album. The absence of the previous steady beats pushes this song far more into the ambient spectrum. It’s a beautiful, meditative pause in the album, perhaps in preparation for what’s to come.

What is to come you ask? "Evolution".

"Evolution" starts with a rain shower and a complimentary synth which sounds like it's been extracted from water itself. Don’t be fooled by the gentle beginnings of this track, it’s an example of a song which is made to be the soundtrack to an awakening, an epiphany or the feeling of ultimate freedom and power. The pianos of this track lift the mood and give the track it’s hopeful tone, however, Archer throws us straight into an intense bass line which is an echo of what’s about to unfold. A hectic beat entwined with energetic bells soon dominates the track, however the overall prettiness of the album, even in it’s most extreme moment, is still retained.

The album concludes with "Nature Of Sounds". This track dissipates the intensity of "Evolution" like a slow exhalation. Throughout the song, a solemn vocal sample echoes and weaves in and out of the instrumentation. It sounds like the last lament of long night, full of love, or whatever experience you imagine for these characters Archer has created. Though it has sad undertones, the overall emotion of this track is one of acceptance, or perhaps of a new light of dawn.

Desire is now available for download via bandcamp.