"A Day In Sam's Life" - sar.casm


sar.casm was the first artist signed by Aviary Bridge Records, so he’s a bit of a special case! His first album “Prologue” literally hit the ground running with a bold, eccentric clash of music genres including Lo-Fi and Trap using heavy and vibrant sounds, which were ultimately melded together through a Hip Hop production style. 

Although hectic and quite abstract at times, sar.casm’s music is full of energy and simplicity, ultimately creating a fusion, which evokes a sense of innocence and freedom.

This second offering: “A Day in Sam’s Life” is about sar.casm’s cat and takes the listener through a typical day in sar.casm’s inimitable style, reflecting Sam’s different activities, moods and of course sleep – because anyone who’s ever owned a cat knows that they sleep – a lot!

“A Day in Sam’s Life” has five tracks and is available to download from:


Track list:

“Maxi”; “Chilleanu”; Hei”; Dusty Mirror”; “Downfall (Outro)”.

Artist site: https://aviarybridgerecords.com/sar_casm