"The Unknown" - Behind Clouds & sar.casm

If there ever was an EP that could capture the essence of yin and yang, “The Unknown” would be a successful contender. As a collaborative EP between sar.casm and Behind Clouds, two producers with vastly different approaches to music, “The Unknown” by nature juxtaposes itself, and yet what the two producers have ended up with is a harmonious blend of their two contrasting styles.

From “Wonders of the Unknown” to “If we Dare to Look”, both sar.casm and Behind Clouds’ roles can be clearly distinguished. The harmony doesn’t come from a blending of the two styles so to speak, but the way in which the two extremes compliment and enhance eachother. Gracing the EP with gentle pianos and delicate percussion, Behind Clouds gives the album it’s airy ‘yin’ characteristics, providing an organic tenderness to sar.casm’s eccentric vibrancy. Whereas sar.casm’s raw sub basses and bold beats ground the EP, lending power to Behind Clouds’ already full-of-depth productions. In conclusion, “The Unknown” sets the bar for what most collaborative projects should be: the perfect and equal balance between two creatives. 

“The Unknown” is available for download from:



01. Wonders of the Unknown
02. When the Sun Meets the Moon
03. Life of a Dream
04. If we Dare to Look