"Sanctuary Of Dreams" - Thomas Woodham

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Woodham’s debut album “Sanctuary of Dreams” proves itself to be nothing short of an intense and absorbing journey into our psyche. An experimental album which tests the limitations of genre, “Sanctuary of Dreams” is at it’s heart a spiritual experience which explores our emotions in depth. From sorrow all the way through to euphoria, it makes for a deeply cathartic listen and an entrancing escape from both body and mind.

The journey begins with 01 “Buried Beneath The Sun”, a reasonably light-hearted track compared to the rest of the album with themes of exploration and adventure, making for an enticing introduction. From there Woodham masterfully pulls us deeper into the world he’s created, introducing various themes and layers as well as a vast array of instruments and vocal talent. The vocals are in various languages and have been chopped up and transposed, bringing attention not to the words but to the universality of the emotion behind them.  Though each track in the album stands strong individually, it has clearly been carefully crafted as an experience which is meant to be listened to in it’s entirety as, by the final track, 09 “Sidi Bou Said” there is a hugely satisfying payoff.

In conclusion, “Sanctuary of Dreams” is captivating. It invites us to look within ourselves, but it’s cinematic and dramatic qualities make this often intimate journey an exciting and adventurous one. To experience the album in full, we highly recommend listening to the seamless mix!


01. Buried Beneath The Sun
02. The Overcoming
03. All Things Must End
04. Ezi
05. Blurred Lines
06. A Glimmer
07. Dunya
08. Sanctuary of Dreams
09. Sidi Bou Said
10. Sanctuary of Dreams (Seamless Mix)

Artist’s Statement:

“In our minds, there is a place. Here, the lines between what is real and what is imagined is blurred--our sense of self dies and is reborn each moment. Abysmal depths and roaring heights embrace each other in silence, overcoming the other in a cosmic balancing act. These acrobats spin the world over in their palms, as bodies near the sun, knowing that this, too, shall end. This place maintains itself with only a glimmer of hope, a spark of passion, and a drop of sorrow. As all times and selves collide within, we eventually will wake up--only to later return to the Sanctuary of Dreams.” - Thomas Woodham

Credits ——


Zoe Wirt:  “Buried Beneath the Sun”, “The Overcoming”, “Sanctuary of Dreams”
Daughter of Al-Hallaj: “Sanctuary of Dreams”
Nadia (Angelicbaby): “The Overcoming”
Elleodin: “All Things Must End”

Album Artwork:

Cameron Brooks
Website: http://www.cambrooks.co.uk/

Special Thanks:

Leon Permentier, Laura Mason, Rebecca Woodham, H. Şifanur, Katherine Polcari, Yosra Ouertani, Dunya Habash, sar.casm, Mark Lee, Cameron Mills, Alexandra Skidmore, Allen Doyle, Henry Everett