"Summer" Compilation Album

Aviary Bridge Records’ fourth seasonal compilation album, “Summer” released on 31th August 2018, brings the series around full circle as we begin to enter Autumn once again. For the final seasonal challenge, Aviary Bridge Records once again gave their roster a theme and an image to base their music around. This time the challenge was to capture the essence of a summer evening, where the sociable nights are long and comfortably warm due to the lingering sunlight. 

Though “Summer” was created with social evenings in mind, the result is a surprisingly contemplative and introverted collection of songs, juxtaposed with powerful beats and hard-core sub basses. The album certainly reflects summer sunsets and city life, with the exception of “Surfin’” by Davnnk and “Turtle Island” by Drchamploo (which lean more towards your traditional high afternoon sunshine and islands vibes), with an abundance of city-foleys and gorgeous bittersweet synths. Throughout the social happy moments, the tracks are interlaced with fleeting feelings and perhaps a knowledge that all summers must come to an end. “Summer” makes for a unique road trip cassette tape, perfect for staring out the window at the ever changing landscape.

“Summer” is available on cassette and can also be downloaded from: https://aviarybridgerecords.bandcamp.com/summer-compilation-album

Side A

1. Davnnk - Surfin'
2. Drchamploo - Turtle Island
3. Behind Couds & sar.casm - Life of a Dreamer
4. PHASIN - Broken Arrow
5. sar.casm - Daydreaming in the Summer
6. Padma Purana - Never Alone
7. Sub Hero - After Hours
8. Sro - Thoughtful Sunset
9. Safe Place - Insomnia  

Side B

10. Noirea - Coastal Drive
11. Nomenclature - Transfer
12. Santport - Hansei
13. Elleodin - Just Let Me Go
14. Paul Wilbury - Falling
15. Hip Chimp - California
16. LeVirya - Lush
17. Sazetrax - 4 AM
18. Potelin - If I lose Myself