"Spring" Compilation Tape

Aviary Bridge Records’ third seasonal compilation album, released on 25th May, again challenged their artist roster (as with the “Autumn” and “Winter” compilation releases). This time the brief was to use organic/natural sounds and instrumentation to celebrate the coming of Spring.

“Spring” does what it says on the tin and is an exciting, full-on mixture which meets the challenge in bucket loads. Sumptuous bird song and other organic sounds provide an ambient backdrop to trip hop, downtempo, electronica, lo-fi, instrumental hip hop tracks with plenty of guitars! It takes you through the full spectrum of emotion that the coming of Spring embodies; this album is indeed a celebration of the new and fresh, full of life and promise.

“Spring” is available on cassette and can also be downloaded from:


Track List (Side A):

1. Davnnk “Spring Shore”
2. Potelin “Dreamy”
3. Drchamploo “Bloom”
4. Hip Chimp “Morning Beat”
5. a_bel “Fulfilled”
6. Mirrorish “Daylight Savings”
7. LeVirya & Elleodin “Black Bird”
8. Thomas Woodham "Sidi Bou Said"

Track List (Side B):

8. Matic Satler “Mellows”
9. “Fresh 90s Coffee”
10. Jinsku “Blade to the Neck”
11. sar.casm “Trip to the Bright Hill”
12. Human Centerpiece “Parking Lot”
13. PHÁSIN “Waves”
14. Santport “April Mornings”
15. Children of Leisure “Neon Flowers”