"DC Portraits Vol. 1" - Dust Collectors

DC (Dust Collectors) is a collective of beat-makers that are spreading faster then you can imagine. The best beat-smiths from all around the globe join the movement. In association with Aviary Bridge Records DC brings you a new compilation series: DC Portraits. 

We are looking to put out four or five compilations a year and volume one is now upon us!

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1. Jinsku - Until
2. Dweeb - Janitor
3. Oofoe - April
4. Jay Vinyl - Fond Memories
5. Lester Nowhere - U Talkin'
6. HM Surf - Killabill
7. Lightfoot - 7 Minutes to be a Hero
8. Bretsil - Late Nite (feat. NoRole)
9. LeVirya - Morning Coffee
10. ColDrip - Holdyourfeet
11. drkmnd - 3am Flight
12. stlndrms - SauceM
13. stxn.x - Haze


Music: Dust Collectors
Artwork: Laura Mason
Final Mastering: Leon Permentier

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