"Sage" - C l i m a t e


C l i m a t e ‘ s debut E.P. "Silk Road" was very well received, demonstrating a vast amount of raw talent and an innate ability to manipulate synths and samples into tracks with strong atmospheric narratives.  His sound is anchored by strong Hip Hop beats and the use of Asian instruments inspired by some time spent living in Hong Kong.


“Sage” is C l i m a t e ‘ s second offering and is a mixture of instrumental Hip Hop/Trip Hop with the now signature oriental instrumentation and glitch synths. The result is a surprisingly successful mix of upbeat funky moments with a feel-good vibe (even euphoric in places!).  The deeper purpose of this music is, as its title suggests, to highlight the wisdom of wise men from the twentieth century, conveyed cleverly throughout via speech samples which provide a clear narrative and a thought provoking experience.

Track List:

“Woo-lan Arts”; “Dystopia”; “Cinston Whurchill”; “Monty”; “NOLA”


“Sage” and "Silk Road" are now available on a combined cassette. They can also both be downloaded from:



Artist site: https://aviarybridgerecords.com/climate