"Silk Road" - C l i m a t e

Climate - Silk Road (Artwork).jpg

Each track on Climate’s debut EP ‘Silk Road’ is artfully choreographed to capture the feeling of travelling along the Silk Road. Like one of the many routes of the Silk Road itself, the EP begins with a carefree afternoon in China, and later ends with our traveller crossing the border into India.

‘Silk Road’ is perfect to relax and study to, but it is also capable of inspiring nostalgia and wanderlust. Once you listen to the EP from start to finish a few times, you start to realise just how cinematic it is as a clear story unfolds. It’s uplifting vibe is not one you would usually associate with cinematic tracks, which are quite often somewhere along the deep and dark spectrum. Instead, Climate creates a vivid, light-hearted story which leaves you feeling elated and energised at it's conclusion. 

Vebee is an easygoing introduction to the album with a vibe of peace and togetherness. Climate has coupled Chinese instruments with hip hop beats which gives this track an air of both whimsy and familiarity. The dizi (a Chinese flute) weaves in and out like bird song, which helps this track capture a warm, carefree feeling reminiscent of a lazy afternoon in the sun.

If Vebee is a relaxing afternoon surrounded by friends and home comforts, Stride is the moment you’re inspired to hit the road to see new places. An upbeat euphoric blend of a Chinese zither with eighties synths, Stride encompasses feelings of freedom and wanderlust. With this track, Climate perfectly captures the taste of adventures and new beginnings on the horizon.

East is a relaxing break after the excitement of Stride. It’s wholesome beat is easy-going on the ears and unfolds like a gentle march. It’s steadiness is that of a traveller who is fully in their element, gently walking in time with the beat as they gaze at the evolving scenery. Climate's use of an erhu as the main hook adds a traditional touch to the piece.

Rail sees our traveller crossing the border into India. The samples Climate uses transposes from Chinese to Indian instruments. This is coupled with scratches to maintain that chilled trip-hop sound. The track has a meditative, thoughtful vibe which marks the end of our traveller's journey down the silk road.

Intrigued? Listen to Silk Road here on Bandcamp :)