"Late Night Espresso" - LeVirya

LeVirya’s highly anticipated album “Late Night Espresso” is, in LeVirya’s words “an ode to lo-fi hip hop, cassette tape culture and coffee.” However, to claim this release is merely coffee themed would be to ignore the nuanced complexities throughout the album. With a known talent in capturing subtle emotions, LeVirya has, in a way, produced an album which functions as a “coffee break diary”. Each song offers a glimpse of the Dutch producer’s mindset and mood that day, coffee in hand.  

Comprised of dusty beats, soulful saxophones and wistful flutes, “Late Night Espresso” makes for a quietly thoughtful listen. Woven together with the kind of sentimental undertones that are naturally encompassed by lo-fi vibes, it unleashes the sense of calm that comes with having a moment to truly think and be present. The album’s personable nature is perhaps born from the purpose it was made for, which is to be listened to on cassette tape, giving it the air of something that is one-of-a-kind and secret. However, even for those who don’t own a cassette player, “Late Night Espresso” still offers the cassette experience, which is ultimately one of intimacy and nostalgia.

“Late Night Espresso” is available on cassette and can also be downloaded from: https://levirya.bandcamp.com/album/late-night-espresso


 Side A

A01. Morning Coffee
A02. Caffeinated Optimism
A03. Romance and Carajillo
A04. Red Sun (Feat. Elleodin)
A05. Coffee Break
A06. Voltaire
A07. Tuica (original mix)
A08. Dawn
A09. Ristretto 

Side B

B10. Black Bird (Feat. Elleodin)
B11. Coffee to Go
B12. French Coffee
B13. Caffeine Hangover
B14. A Friar's Coffee in Canale
B15. Nordic Karsk
B16. Mocha (Feat. Thomas Woodham)
B17. Dusk (Outro)        
B18. Tuica (Feat. sar.casm)