"Jazz Sh*t & Real Book Vol. 1+2" - Paul Wilbury

Following “Blue Days” and “Jazz Sh*t & Real Book Vol.1”, we are proud to announce Wilbury’s third release “Jazz Sh*t & Real Book Vol.2”, which will be released both digitally and as a combined cassette tape with the previously released Vol. 1, bringing the two together for a complete collection of Wilbury’s various jazz / hip-hop orientated experiments.

“Jazz Sh*t & Real Book Vol.1&2” began as a way for Wilbury to develop his beat-making techniques while working with standard jazz structures. His approach towards using a sampler is similar to that of artists such as Knxwledge and MNDSGN and by combining Hip-Hop and Jazz, Wilbury has created a mixture of sounds and textures, which are seldom found in Jazz alone. The result is a suave and elegantly characterful sound melded with the playfulness of lo-fi hip-hop beats, which artfully reflects Wilbury’s background in modern jazz. By combining these two genres, which often represent cherished eras been and gone, Wilbury freshens up the old into something new while retaining it’s “nostalgia” factor, making his experiments a suitable listen for jazz and hip hop fans, old and new.


A01. W3IRD
A02. GotItBad
A04. Explain
A05. Ssuunnyy
A06. Alxne
A07. YesterdaY
A08. AllThe3Wxy
A09. Chicagx
A10. frmrbl
A11. T.i.m.3.A.n.d.A.g.a.i.n. 

B01. Star
B02. Georgia
B03. Nancy
B04. Delilah Baby
B05. Falling
B06. OwdFxlks
B07. Lenny
B08. Crazy
B09. Funny
B10. Alice