"How would you describe your music?"
“Tight drums, groovy basslines, trippy melodies and sound effects. All in all, pretty funky shit.” - André Meyer


Originally from a small town on the border of Berlin, producer duo André Meyer and Mathias Wilhelm have known each other since they were just 11 years old. Meyer started playing guitar at age 13 whereas Wilhelm focused on music production from the age of 17. The two combined their skills and started making hip hop together in 2008, which featured Meyer as an MC with Wilhelm on production.

From the very beginning, Wilhelm and Meyer were keen to experiment and exploit all of the creative possibilities music production had to offer. As their tastes and musical interests evolved, the two musicians started a new project titled ‘Bastelbande’ which became their vehicle with which to release instrumental hip hop. Bastelbande incorporates groovy and powerful drumbeats reminiscent of Wilhelm and Meyer’s roots in hip hop but also features samples, layers and sound effects, which transposes them into the realms of trip hop. Their overall sound is comparable to artists such as Bonobo, Thievery Corporation and Quantic; however, a seamless fusion of soulful saxophones, jazzy pianos and funky guitar riffs sets them apart from the rest and gives them their signature feel-good vibe.

Between 2013 and 2015, Bastelbande played several live shows with Wilhelm and Meyer joined by three other musicians on bass guitar, drums and vocals. Their live set up is featured in their music video for 'Good Evening' (2014) which was recorded live by The Open Stage Berlin. Bastelbande released two more music videos for their singles ‘Hopscotch’ (2017) and ‘Roads (feat. Tom Zips)’ (2018) in preparation for their up and coming debut album ‘Off The Beaten Tracks’, which was released on Aviary Bridge Records early 2018.